How Can Avoidprobate help me?

Did you just have a baby?

AvoidProbate can help you name a guardian with a will, save for college, or create a trust to hold assets for your children in case something goes wrong.

Are you blessed with grandkids?

AvoidProbate can help you teach your grandkids about the benefits of investing and then set up trusts for them so that your hard work can point them on a path of prosperity.

Are you Recently divorced?

We are very sorry to hear that but life must go on.  AvoidProbate can help you update beneficiaries, prepare an estate plan, and help you plan your independent financial future.

Are you a pet lover?

We are too! Pets are family so let's make sure they are protected in case we die.  AvoidProbate can help you establish a pet trust and name a caregiver for your animals.  We will even rub their bellies if you (or they) want!

Have a special needs beneficiary?

Our nation's laws are compassionate and provide for a number or important estate planning benefits.  Let AvoidProbate explain these various benefits to you and determine which is best for you.

Concerned about estate taxes?

We all agree that taxes are an important part of a successful nation.  However, no one wants to pay more than the law requires. AvoidProbate can help you reduce and sometimes eliminate your estate tax liability.

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