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Pet Trust

We love pets too!  Some people are lucky enough to have their legacy involve a pet.  AvoidProbate can help with our financial, legal, and trust services.

How can we help you GROW your Legacy?

AvoidProbate can help maximize the pet owner's personal wealth but then we can also show you ways to set up a trust and start planning for your pet's future as well.  Can you imagine your dog (and even your future dog) could be investing in stock's today?  They may never need to work a day in their life!  Let's get started planning yours (and their) future today.

How can we help PLAN your Legacy?

AvoidProbate can help you plan your legacy with our flat-fee estate planning packages.  Obviously the law treats humans differently than animals.  However, that does not mean our pets cannot be the beneficiary of our hard work.  AvoidProbate can help you establish a pet trust and then direct a portion of your legacy to that trust.  This way you know that your pets will be well cared for even if something happens to you.

How can we help PROTECT your Legacy?

AvoidProbate can help protect your legacy by potentially serving as the successor trustee of your trust.  In case you need someone to help over see your pet trust, AvoidProbate is here to help. We can help set up a checking account so that your caregiver has easy access to money so he or she can by food, treats, Halloween costumes, etc.

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