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About Us

It's a fact, no one wants to die.  They say all Christians want to go to heaven but they don't want to die to get there.  Death and dying is something we all need to deal with but luckily AvoidProbate is there to help.  First of all, we can make sure your affairs are in order by making sure your house is in a trust and that all of your accounts have a named beneficiary.  This will help avoid probate and plan for periods of incapacitation.  Secondly, we help make sure that the least amount of taxes are due upon your death.  This will ensure that more of your hard earned money goes to those you love.  Finally, and most importantly, we will help your family prepare for a life without out.  This will be done with well drafted estate planning documents, honest and unbiased financial advice, and trust services that are there for you when needed. 

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