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Are you blessed with grandkids?

Grandkids are all the fun of regular kids with half the work and cost!  However, they are the most important part of planning your legacy so we need to give them special attention.  This is where AvoidProbate can help you the most.

How can we help you GROW your Legacy?

Attorney Marc Gugliuzza is also a Certified Financial Planner.  He can help review your current financial situation and offer advice on what to do going forward.  Since he is also an attorney, he can coordinate it with your estate and tax planning as well.

How can we help PLAN your Legacy?

AvoidProbate can help you plan your legacy with our flat-fee estate planning packages.  Our AvoidProbate Advanced package is ideal for you since it includes a revocable living trust (with provisions for children and grandchildren).  We can even help you reduce or eliminate estate taxes.  Like all of our packages, a quit claim deed and powers of attorney are included free of charge.

How can we help PROTECT your Legacy?

AvoidProbate can help protect your legacy by potentially serving as the successor trustee of your trust.  We can make sure that the terms of your trust are carried out and that your money is invested wisely for future generations.

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