Level Two


One thing that does complicate estate planning is young or otherwise "immature" beneficiaries.  In such cases, we need to take care and make sure that any monies going to such beneficiaries is held "in trust" for their benefit.  It's not that we don't love them, we just need to make sure their money is spent wisely, and a trust helps us do that.  If minor children are involved, then we need a will to name guardian(s) for them. For these clients, we created AvoidProbate Level Two.

Best for:

AvoidProbate Level Two is the ideal package for the parents or grandparents of young children or those who wish to make specific gifts. It includes all of the essential estate planning documents contained in our basic package, plus language to protect your young children's inheritance, or language to give specific gifts to specific people.  

What it includes:

AvoidProbate Level Two includes either a single or joint revocable living trust with additional language to meet your specific needs, one or two "pour-over" wills, power of attorney for health care, power of attorney for property, and a quit claim deed (recording fees additional).  

The Process:

AvoidProbate Level Two starts with a telephone meeting with an attorney. After the initial meeting, we will send you drafts of the documents to review.  If there are any revisions needed, just let us know.  Once the documents are ready to sign, we will  have you into the office or meet via Zoom to go over all the documents one more time and then execute them with an attorney.  

The Cost:

AvoidProbate Intermediate is priced at $995 for individuals and couples.