Estate planning is more than just documents. 

It's also knowing how to use them.  

AvoidProbate makes planning your estate easy and affordable.  Plus, we are there for you and your family when you need us most.  Both now and in the future.

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Why is Planning your Estate so Important?


Don't leave behind a mess.  Make sure you are not subject to probate.


We hope it doesn't happen but we all need to plan for the worst.


Protect their inheritance against a number of bad situations.


Some simple moves can help reduce or even eliminate taxes.

Why Choose AvoidProbate to help plan your Estate?


All of our attorneys have a passion for estate planning.  We understanding that planning your estate is an emotional process so we try and make it as easy and straightforward as possible.  Plus, we have decades of experience that we can share with you.

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Quick Turn Around Times

Once you decide you are ready to plan your estate, the last thing you want to do is  wait for some attorney to get around to your file.  That is why we use modern technology to collect information, draft documents, and schedule appointments.  As a result, we can have your estate plan done in days, not weeks or months.  

Affordable Pricing

At AvoidProbate, we only charge affordable flat-fees for our services.  That way you know up-front what the cost will be and there are no hidden fees.  Best of all, new clients offered a free initial consultation and there is no money needed to start.  In fact, we don't bill you until the end so your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Our Pricing is Based upon your Needs.
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Designed for clients with adult children who simply want to leave their assets "outright" to them.

Priced at:

$695 (individual)

$795 (couple)

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Designed for clients with young children who want to leave assets in a trust for their benefit.

Priced at:

$895 (individual)

$995 (couple)

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Designed for clients who are subject to the estate tax or have a special needs beneficiary.

Priced at:

$1,495 (individual)

$1,995 (couple)

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Estate Plan, Living Will, and Healthcare Power of Attorney documents

Legal Services

Need to prepare a will, buy or sell a house, or administer an estate?  Our attorneys are here to help.

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Financial Services

Prepare your family for a life without you by maximizing your estate and teaching them how to use it.

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Trust Services

For select clients, we can be the trustee of your trust to help ensure that your wishes are followed.

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