Put your house in a trust for under $500!

A living trust avoids probate and plans for periods of incapacitation.  It can also protect young children and reduce taxes.

Who needs a living trust?

Own a home

If you own a home, it makes sense to put it into a living trust to avoid probate and plan for periods of incapacitation.

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Young Children

If you have young beneficiaries, you can protect their inheritance by having a successor trustee oversee the funds.

Filling Out Tax Form

Subject to taxes

If you are subject to estate tax, a trust can help you eliminate, or  reduce, estate taxes.

Our pricing is based on your needs
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This package includes a revocable living trust and a quit claim deed* only.

Priced at:


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This package includes all of the essential estate planning documents along with a signing ceremony.

Priced at:


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This package includes more than one revocable living trust designed to eliminate or reduce estate tax.

Priced at:


All packages include

Revocable Living Trust

The trust is customized for you and your family by a licensed attorney.

Quit Claim Deed

Transfers your primary residence into the trust (recording fees additional).

Pour-Over Will

Serves as back-up to the trust and names guardians for minor children.

Lawyer Meeting

A meeting with a lawyer to ensure the documents are properly executed.

Powers of Attorney

Specifies who makes medical and financial decisions if incapacitated.


One year of AvoidProbate+ which includes free updates and support.

Meet our founder
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I am attorney Marc Gugliuzza, and I am truly passionate about estate planning.  I believe we owe it to those we love to plan ahead.  However, estate planning has traditionally been expensive and intimidating.  I started AvoidProbate™ because I wanted to give my clients an alternative to high-priced lawyers and confusing do-it-yourself websites.  At AvoidProbate™, we make planning your estate easy, and our flat-fee pricing makes it affordable for everyone.  All clients are offered a free initial consultation and we never take any money until the services are done.  That way your satisfaction is guaranteed.  

Marc L. Gugliuzza

Attorney at Law

Certified Financial Planner (TM)

Other services include
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AvoidProbate is a law firm that focuses on real estate, estate planning and estate administration.

Estate Plan, Living Will, and Healthcare Power of Attorney documents


AvoidProbate offers fee based financial planning with a Certified Financial Planner (TM).

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AvoidProbate can help advise the family when you are gone or even serve as your Successor Trustee.

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