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AvoidProbate makes planning your estate easy and affordable

We have have plans to fit every need and budget.  Whether you work online or in the office, you will have an experienced attorney with you throughout the process

Why lawyers love wills.

Wills by their very nature have to be probated.  A living trust is the best way to avoid probate.

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Why every house should be in a living trust.

Assets like retirement plans and life insurance have named beneficiaries.  A living trust allows you to name a beneficiary for one of your biggest assets..your house!

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What is Probate?

Why Avoid Probate?

How to Avoid Probate?

Why AvoidProbate.com?


Marc L. Gugliuzza
Attorney at Law
Certified Financial Planner
Trust me, you need a trust!

Probate is the lawyer's retirement fund.  For generations, lawyers have prepared wills for people with the the hope that the family will call them when it is time to probate the will.  The truth is that most people need a revocable living trust.  I started AvoidProbate with the hope of making this important legal document accessible to everyone 

Estate Planning Packages

AvoidProbate Basic

AvoidProbate Basic is designed for clients that need an estate plan but don't want to spend a lot of money.  The package includes a revocable living trust, powers of attorney, and a quit claim deed for your primary residence*. To keep costs down, clients who select this package will complete an online form and then documents will be mailed to you to sign on your own.

Priced at:

$395 (individual)

$495 (couple)



Our most post package! AvoidProbate Complete includes all of the essential estate planning documents including a will, a revocable living trust, powers of attorney, and a quit claim deed*.  This package is perfect for anyone with a young child who needs a will in order to name a guardian.  Clients who select this option will complete an online form but then will meet with an attorney to execute the documents.  The attorney will also advise the client on how to "fund" the estate plan.

Price at:

$749 (individual)

$995 (couple)



AvoidProbate Advanced is designed for clients that have more complex estate planning needs such as children outside a marriage, estate tax issues, or uncommon beneficiaries.  The package includes one or more living trusts, one or two wills, powers of attorney, and a quit claim deed.  Clients who select this option will go through a comprehensive initial consultation with an attorney and will meet again with an attorney to execute the documents.  The attorney will also go through a comprehensive consultation on how to use the documents..

Priced at:

$1,495 (individual)

$1,995 (couple)

*recording fees and transfer stamps (if applicable) additional 

Need Help Deciding Which is Right for You?

Other services

Real Estate CLosings

We represent buyers and sellers of residential real estate.  We offer substantial discounts for clients do a real estate closing and an estate plan. 

Estate Administration

The death of a loved one is difficult.  Our attorneys can help make the process easier by assisting executors and trustees in administering the estate.

SPecialized Trusts

The revocable living trust is just one type of trust.  There are also special needs trust, minor's trusts, pet trusts and more.  Our attorneys can prepare any one of these specialized trust for you.

AvoidProbate Legacy

Estate planning is a life long process that starts with the documents.  The plan requires monitoring and changes from time to time.  Our legacy program is a subscription plan and includes a number of vital features.

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Ready to Protect your Family from Probate? 

AvoidProbate helps you put a plan in place and then monitor it over time so that your affairs are in order when you die.  You have been putting it off long enough so get started today.

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