Residential Real Estate

Representation Only

Our attorneys can represent you in your purchase or sale for a low, flat-fee.

Representation with a TRust

Our attorneys can help you set up a trust before your closing so that you can purchase your new home in the trust

The lawyers of AvoidProbate have been helping people just like you buy and sell residential real estate for over a decade.  We offer low flat-fees, impressive response rates and a wealth of experience.  If you are buying a house, we can represent you in the purchase and then make sure your new house is in a trust so that it is protected from probate.  If you are selling a house, we can make the process as easy as possible with the lowest possible closing costs.


For the Real Estate Buyer, we will perform the following services for the flat-fee of $595

-Review the contract and check county records pertaining to the property.

-Discuss the inspection report with you and draft a letter to the seller's attorney indicating which repairs you would like done.

-Keep track of all contingency dates like attorney review, mortgage commitment, and sale contingencies.

-We will schedule your closing and make sure you have everything you need for the big day.

-Our firm's policy is to always be there with you when you are closing on your house.  We understand how big of a deal this is so we want to be there too.


For the Real Estate Seller, we will perform the following services for the flat-fee of $195 

-Review the contract and make sure the terms are fair and reasonable.

-Respond to any correspondence from the buyer's attorney.

-Prepare all closing documents and then meet with you to pre-sign them so that you do not need to attend the closing.

-Order final water readings and obtain transfer stamps (additional fees may apply).

-Order a survey and delivery all closing documents to the title company.

-Quickly negotiate any walk-thru issues that may arise using over a decade of experience dealing with similar situations.

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