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Why AvoidProbate.com?

When it comes to planning your estate, you have options.  One option is to go to an attorney.  However, who do you trust and how do you know if you are not being taking advantage of.  The other option is go to the internet and fill out forms online.  The problem there is garbage in - garbage out and who knows if you are doing it right.  AvoidProbate solves all of this by giving you access to a licensed attorney who is paid a flat-fee.  We use technology where we can (like gathering information about you and your family) and using lawyers when needed (like executing the documents and explaining them to you in simple terms.  The result is an estate plan that truly matches your desires and is done right without costing you an arm and leg.  The other benefits of AvoidProbate include (but are not limited to):

1. Incredibly fast turn-around times: wait days for your documents, not weeks or even months.

2. Office hours that work with your schedule (not just our tee times): Night and weekend appointments available since we want you to have a job too.


3. Affordable, flat-fee prices.  For about the same as you will pay at those document services companies, you can meet with and have your documents prepared by an experience and licensed attorney.  We figure not everyone wants to trust their life savings and their families future on some website!

4. Our founder (Marc Gugliuzza) is actually a really good estate planning attorney and received several awards in estate planning and has dedicated his legal career to helping families plan their estate.  Not to mention he is a Certified Financial Planner with a decade of experience in the financial planning world that he uses to help his clients with all aspects of their financial lives.


5. We offer all new clients a no-fee, no-obligation initial consultation.  Our process starts with our unique AvoidProbate consultation where one of our attorneys reviews your account titles and beneficiary forms to see if you are subject to probate.  If not, then we send you on your way with valuable peace of mind but no charge for our time.  If you are subject to probate, we look for the most cost-effective way to avoid probate which may or may not include one of our estate planning packages.  Our goal is your satisfaction so that you will tell your family and friends about us, not charging you as much as we can.

6. Our estate planning packages include a whole host of additional items at no additional cost such as the ability to call or email us about your plan, a follow-up meeting done one year after your documents are signed to make sure everything is titled properly, and online storage of your documents.  Best of all, you can always change the agents, executors and trustees named in your documents anytime free of charge!

7. If there are ever any changes in the law regarding trusts, wills or powers of attorney or changes in the estate tax laws, we will keep you posted with our quarterly newsletter and email blasts.