Estate planning Packages

Old Couple

AvoidProbate Basic

Are all of the kids grown?  Is the house the only asset subject to probate?  AvoidProbate Basic is perfect for you.  All the documents you need and expert advice on how to use them. 

Priced at:

$499 (individual)

$599 (couple)

Happy young father, mother and cute baby



Do you have young children? Do you want to leave money to grandchildren?  AvoidProbate Advanced is ideal for you. The documents include special provisions and additional advice.

Price at:

$799 (individual)

$999 (couple)



Are you concerned about estate taxes?  Do you have a special needs beneficiary?  AvoidProbate Premier is for you.  Our most sophisticated documents and a comprehensive funding meeting.

Priced at:

$1,499 (individual)

$1,999 (couple)

*recording fees and transfer stamps (if applicable) are not included.